Birds of Prey, Volume 1: End Run

Soaring out of Brightest Day, the Birds of Prey are back Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk all return to Gotham City, where they belong and they ve brought a couple of new friends or are they foes along with them.The Birds of Prey are forced to ally themselves with the worst of Gotham City s mega criminals while they struggle to save his life from theSoaring out of Brightest Day, the Birds of Prey are back Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk all return to Gotham City, where they belong and they ve brought a couple of new friends or are they foes along with them.The Birds of Prey are forced to ally themselves with the worst of Gotham City s mega criminals while they struggle to save his life from the unspeakable horror that hunts them all Pursued by an unstoppable killer, the Birds are forced to run a gauntlet of insane gang members and corrupt cops out to kill them while trying to keep a teammate alive.Collecting Birds of Prey 1 6
Birds of Prey Volume End Run Soaring out of Brightest Day the Birds of Prey are back Oracle Black Canary Huntress and Lady Blackhawk all return to Gotham City where they belong and they ve brought a couple of new friends or a

  • Title: Birds of Prey, Volume 1: End Run
  • Author: Gail Simone Ed Benes Adriana Melo Alvin Lee
  • ISBN: 9781401231316
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Bullet Review:You know that stereotype that all comic books/graphic novels are is just soft-core porn? A bunch of scantily-clad women in suggestive poses?Yeah, this book doesn't defy that stereotype one bit. The characters are great, from Black Canary to Blackhawk to Huntress to Oracle to Dove, each unique and special in her own way (or in Hawk's case, his own way). They are unique women, different and outstanding and defying stereotypical feminine stereotypes (meek, timid, shy - only Dove is so [...]

    2. CAUTION: This book is not meant to be taken seriously. At least, I don't think it is. It's pretty much laughing at itself as it goes. Either that, or it falls into the category of pompous books that think cheese is wine.So the White Canary is back and mysteriously gets hold of everybody's data. By that, I mean she knows what brand of toothpaste Bruce Wayne uses on Tuesdays.Well, it's not so mysterious how she got it. She tortured poor Savant into giving it and I guess Creote was just watching fr [...]

    3. I can sum up this re-launch of the BoP series in three words: DAMN IT, BENES! Gail Simone isn't in her top form here, but I'd rather read average Simone than anything by most other writers in comics today. Sadly, Ed Benes' art just torpedoes the entire trade. There's page after page of his over-sexualized, nearly-identical women with as many gratuitous butt-shots as he can manage. The art totally undermines Simone's portrayal of the Birds as strong, competent women with vibrant personalities. Si [...]

    4. This was my first real exposure to Birds of Prey. Boy, was that ever a mistake. For the most part, I felt lost. So much backstory goes into this plot that I spend more than half the time going, "Wait, when did that happen?" It seemed fairly well-written, and I think it's true to the characters as I understand them from other books. The art itself is pretty unremarkable. I picked it up because the cover billed it as tying into Brightest Day. Um, it doesn't. But the good thing about that is that i [...]

    5. guys! did you know dc has this character named zinda who's a wwii fighter pilot who somehow ended up in the present day? all i want is for christmas is a dc/marvel crossover where she hangs out with captain america, like just give me that and we're golden(i don't actually celebrate christmas but that's no reason to get in the way of a good sentence)anyways i think i'm going to have to peace out of dc comics now. this volume pretty much maxed out my tolerance for the male gaze, if i never see ano [...]

    6. Gail Simone writes a kick ass Birds of Prey story. This may, in fact, be my favorite Birds of Prey story ever. The writing is tight and the girls are in top form -- both in terms of fighting and having well rounded personalities. It also sees the return of two of my favorite BOP side characters, Savant and Creote, who are AWESOME in this story. Savant in particular has some awesome stuff in here and finally Creote confesses his feelings (ftw). Bringing this huge sweeping story back down with the [...]

    7. You forget how good a writer Gail Simone is, and then you read the latest Birds of Prey. There are character moments, twists, shocks and emotional involvements in this volume. Birds of Prey is back, as good as it ever was.

    8. This comic has quite a few glaring flaws - in its artistic freedom and story department - which I'm sure have nothing to do with me not having read any other 'Birds of Prey' works beforehand. But by the screaming canaries was the volume a lot of fun to read. Fast-paced action, great characters who’re each given panel time - and for some even whole chapters - to develop, a dark tone, and progressions and twists to the plot that are well balanced and flow evenly.As it turns out, Gail Simone can [...]

    9. This book collects the first six issues of Gail Simone's run on Birds of Prey and I think I only actually enjoyed the two last ones. It's my fault, as I approached this series expecting some female-led heroism, forgetting that these stories target are usually males who only want to see hot chicks kicking asses in impossible ways. Unfortunately, the plot doesn't help much: there are some good ideas, but they get far too many pages. Everything feels too long, to boring. I'll try to read some of th [...]

    10. I have never read Birds of Prey from DC comics before, but I found myself loving Black Canary and after a bit of research I decided that I should try reading a comic involving a team that she is involved in, considering that it would also introduce me to other characters in the DC comics world.The volume is essentially forcing the team to pair up with an enemy of Gotham City, given that all their lives are at stake here, and they need to make a choice, give themselves up or have their darkest se [...]

    11. Gail Simone, and the title, returned after a bief hiatus, and it almost seems as if Simone felt that she had a mandate to ramp up the action scenes and to leave behind the personal interaction that highlights her best writing.Yes, the action goes at the pace of Quentin Taratino, and much of it, until the final two chapters, feels and seems senseless. Story wise things pick up a little bit with the TPBs last couple of chapters.Because we begin to get the character work at which Simone is so good. [...]

    12. It was a fun read, like seeing women characters who aren't just dumb T&A However, there was enough to make them seem easily defeatedOracle made to look silly, and the costumes so overly sexual, nearly an insult. I'm not sure that all the hugs and tears were realistic or overdoing it a tadbut the writer is a womanwere it a man I'd say it was just mockery.Good characters, though I was more interested in Hawk being back from the dead and all. how his dynamic is with the 'new' Dove.I suppose it [...]

    13. When the New 52 started, I looked at the options and an all-female superhero group had me interested so I picked up Birds of Prey. My brother then gifted me these old runs so I could read the history and I was excited.I've been watching Gotham so I liked seeing some grown-up Penguin and I love Oracle as a character. It's so nice to see disabled representation. I had a review that I had written just after I finished it all written out, but it got accidentally deleted and I honest to gosh can't re [...]

    14. I have to decide what to read first: Batwoman, Batgirl or this volume of Birds of Prey.I wasn't able to finish picking this up single issue wise even though I was madly in love with the series and Gail Simone in general. Maybe it'll be a nice addition to my collection. The problem is I'm looking for something to read on my Nook. I can live with the first two options being a digital format, but this is hands down a favorite series of mine. I want to hold it, touch it and hug it.

    15. You don't mess with the Birds of Prey!This was not the usual superhero team up we see on comics, but a family who watch each other's backs. With initial hiccups, the team learns to stay afloat and stick for one another through to the end. The story in this volume reminds me of those martial arts movies, where the protagonist is haunted by an unknown enemy, and he/she travels far from his home to a new country for a final showdown. This volume introduced me to characters I have never heard of bef [...]

    16. Gail Simone is a terrific comics writer, and here she gets to work with a litany of great female superheroes, including Zinda Blake/Lady Blackhawk (the funniest one of the group), Barbara Gordon/Oracle. Helena Bertinelli/Huntress, and Dinah Lance/Black Canary. The group is forced to infiltrate a mafia-like organization being helmed by the Joker as they adjust to new living quarters i Platinum Flats, and later they're forced to protect one of Gotham's worst criminals as they try to avoid a greate [...]

    17. I must say, I prefer Barbara Gordon as Oracle. Here, she's taken over the Bat Cave (as something has happened to Batman) and it's hinted at that Batman has been gone a while. What she does to get herself out of trouble is great.I also prefer Huntress as Helena Bertinelli instead of the lovechild of Batman and Catwoman. She's a lot of fun in this collection. Like the new 52 Birds of Prey, Black Canary comes off as the difficult one in the group. I'm not sure if this common for the character or ju [...]

    18. Would have been great were it not for the Penguin 'sequence' which arguably added nothing of value and the legalistic deus ex machima ending.

    19. This review originally posted at More Than Just MagicBackgroundI can’t remember where I first heard of The Birds of Prey but I do know as soon as I learned that it had a female writer and was a superhero teams made up almost entirely of kick ass girls, I had to have it. The Birds of Prey team was first convened in 1996 by Chuck Dixon and it is part of the Batman universe. But I think it was under Gail Simone that the team really took off. This particular comic series – End Run – is part of [...]

    20. I just finished reading Birds of Prey: End Run written by Gail Simone with art by Ed Benes and Adriana Melo. Without a doubt, one of the finest Bat-spinoff books, this reboot of the series Birds of Prey is the finest work I've seen on this series to date.Essentially a superhero team of hot chicks dressed like strippers, the light cheesecake art is gorgeous and crisp. Some of the covers (by artist Alina Urusov) are stunning in their depth and realism. That being said, comics with hot chicks runni [...]

    21. In my current survey of the works of Gail Simone, I'm beginning to wonder if I just got a bad sampling of her work. The last thing of hers that I read, "Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation", was stomach-churning, but passably humorous in some parts. I at least understood why it appeals to the feminist quarter of the DC Comics fandom.This collection, however, was absolutely craptastic. There was no subtly whatsoever in the whole plot. It was a huge, cataclysmic bore from start to finish, feeli [...]

    22. This isn't the best of the Birds that Simone wrote or that Benes drew, but it's still a pretty fine comic. It's the first of a rebooted sequence, and the girls seem a little unsure about some of their chronology. (I know I was confused.) Once things start happening and Dinah gets her game on I stopped worrying about it and just went with the story. Zinda Blake, Lady Blackhawk, has joined Oracle, Huntress, and Canary, and is a delightful addition to the crew. Hawk and Dove are there, too, with le [...]

    23. This is the 2nd time I've read this book. I still think Gail Simone's storytelling is solid, though perhaps not her best Birds of Prey story, but the problem is Ed Benes.I re-read this after reading the entire run of Birds of Prey (pre- New 52). After seeing many volumes of Benes' overly buxom art and Playboy-esque poses in Simone's run, I'm shaking my head. He really is living out his hormonal teenage fantasies on the page. It's not that he is without talent - his art has evolved in complexity [...]

    24. Fu nevzdal jsem to, vydržel jsem a dočetl to! Achievement unlocked!Uznávám, že tohle není objektivní hodnocení. Od různých komiksáků slýchávám, jak se Gail Simone super a tak jsem v místní knihovně sáhnul po Birds of Prey vol 1. Jenže ouha, on to není začátek, ale jen přečíslování a postavy si nesou svoje bebíčka z předchozích dílů.Hlavní problém je v tom, že prostě nečtu DC. V tomhle komiksu pobíhá banda holek, který vypadaj jako by odešly z castingu n [...]

    25. Gail Simone is a solid writer. Birds of Prey is her signature series, but this is not her best run on it. Enjoyable stories, but other than some fun moments with the Hawk & Dove characters, this never really takes off beyond that.If you're looking for some really good books from this writer, try the earlier run of this series. (Confusing, I know. This is "Volume 1" of this iteration of the series; there are other collections for the previous, original run.) Also, check out the overlooked The [...]

    26. I loved this series from its start and many of the characters became favorites (though never Huntress). I picked this up at the library on a whim, having liked much of what I've read of Simone's work in the past. This was a big WTF train wreck too reliant on too many unexplained and hanging plot threads, an abundance of sloppy and clumsy characterizations that didn't fit what I'd remembered of the characters, and a wafer-thin plot that was as full of holes as some of the laughable costumes. Sad [...]

    27. It's not the best of the Birds of Prey run; the presence of Hawk & Dove don't really add much to the dynamics, but Black Canary and Huntress and Zinda all are on their stride. The villain, White Canary, is a callback to a previous series, but she doesn't stand out as a prominent antagonist. The art is a bit on the cheesecake side, but the saturated colors are beautiful. The relationships between Huntress and Oracle and Black Canary are pretty strong, although Oracle doesn't have nearly enoug [...]

    28. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this given that I have no idea who any of these characters are. I guess at this point I've read enough comics to not bat an eyelash when a character is described as a "WWII pilot misplaced in time." Like, sure, of course. Anyway there were a lot of references to character backstory/motivation that I did not understand at all, but basically the message I got was: do not fuck with these ladiez. And I won't, I swear. Basically a really smart, fun bunch of ladie [...]

    29. Wow, this story comes out charging and doesn't let up. It's volume 1 but there's back story that ties all the way back to a previous run of Birds of Prey. Those volumes are well worth reading and give End Run a lot more emotional heft. Start with Birds of Prey Vol. 3: Of Like Minds also written by Gail Simone. So great to have our main trio back (Oracle, Black Canary, The Huntress) with Simone writing.

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