Joan of Arc

Against the fascinating tapestry of France s history during the Hundred Years War, Diane Stanley unfolds the story of the simple thirteen year old village girl who would lead France to independence from English rule, and thus become a symbol of France s national pride It is a story of vision and bravery, fierce determination, and tragic martyrdom.Diane Stanley s extraordiAgainst the fascinating tapestry of France s history during the Hundred Years War, Diane Stanley unfolds the story of the simple thirteen year old village girl who would lead France to independence from English rule, and thus become a symbol of France s national pride It is a story of vision and bravery, fierce determination, and tragic martyrdom.Diane Stanley s extraordinary gift to present historical information in an accessible and child friendly format has never been impressive, nor her skillful, beautifully realized illustrations here imitating medieval illuminated manuscripts exquisite Recommended in Catholic Mosaic Materials Publisher.
Joan of Arc Against the fascinating tapestry of France s history during the Hundred Years War Diane Stanley unfolds the story of the simple thirteen year old village girl who would lead France to independence fr

  • Title: Joan of Arc
  • Author: Diane Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780064437486
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. An excellent and detailed account of Joan of Arc. The illustrations have a nice feel to them, in keeping with the time period of the story. It didn't take all that long to go through this book with my daughter for school. She listened to the entire thing in one sitting, with her attention never wavering once though the death of Joan was a little bit upsetting to her. Overall, this explains this portion of history very well and was a nice addition to our homeschool curriculum.

    2. This is an excellently done biography of an honored lady of history. Of course the illustrations are beautiful as Diane Stanley's always are, but what impressed my 9 year old son and I most was the way Joan's story helped us wrestle with the question "Who are the good guys?" Up to this point, the British have often been on the "good guy" side in our history readings, but my son commented after reading this biography that he wasn't so sure who the good guys were now. I love that an engaging story [...]

    3. The story of Joan of Arc is a challenging one. At 17, she had no education and could not read or write. She was not a noblewoman, but a mere peasant. She was a girl, not a strong young man fit for knightly glories. Did this uneducated, inexperienced, young peasant girl really hear voices from God that told her to lead the French into battle? Or was she simply an opportunist who capitalized on a common prophecy that a virgin would lead France to victory?The betrayal and disappointing ineptitude o [...]

    4. This biographical picturebook tells us about the events leading up to Joan of Arc's execution. It is intended for children ages 8-12(I). There is a wealth of information in this book for the intermediate reader. The author even included a French pronunciation guide. It would be beneficial to have a copy of this book at home and at school. The full page illustrations are detailed and realistic. I am not sure that this would make a good read aloud book, but it is excellent for research and referen [...]

    5. Excellent! This is a very detailed account with beautiful, detailed illustrations. I read this with my daughter, as it went along with our geography lesson, and it also happens to be International Women's Day, so double win. It is a long book, so I assumed we would read it in sections, but my heart soared as she kept asking to read more and I eventually stopped asking and just read the whole thing in one sitting. We were both riveted. Joan of Arc is one of my favorite people and though we both k [...]

    6. Wow. I've read about Joan of Arc before, but I think this little book was more informative. I recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about this remarkable woman.

    7. Joan of Arc, by Diane Stanley. (Morrow Junior Books, 1998). 36 p. Historical Fiction Picture BookSummary - Due to the war between France and England, life was in turmoil for all those that lived during this time period. One peasant girl received messages from Saints that told her that she had a mission from God to save France. It was prophesied that a virgin would lead Charles to Reims to be crowned king. She contacted him and led him against the enemies. She wrote letters urging the English to [...]

    8. This worked really well as a read-aloud. I think students in 5th grade or higher could read it independently. There are many French names which are difficult, but thankfully there is a pronounciation guide.The illustrations are fantastic and the text is well-written. I think this tells the story of Joan simply yet with some depth. The author makes no judgment as to where the 'voices' come from. My kids were excited to read it every day and were able to recall many details from the book.There is [...]

    9. My sister was the one that won this book or received it from somewhere but I somehow got my hands on it. It isn't a light book nor one I would willingly allow younger readers a chance to read until getting my approval for the history of Joan of Arc's life was too often gruesome and dark while she didn't come to a good fairytale ending. The book does a wonderful job in setting the basis for the reader of explaining the origin and concept of the Hundred Years War as well as what it was like for pe [...]

    10. Joan of Arc is the story of a girl a peasant girl living in medieval France, believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in the Hundred Years' War. Joan convinced prince Charles of Valois to allow her to lead a French army to the city of Orléans, She has a victory and upon returning home Joan is captured, tried for witchcraft and burned at the stake, at the age of nineteen. I appreciate that this book had a lot of text which meant there were a lot of details and information about [...]

    11. This picture book biography is about Joan of Arc. At a very young age, Joan began to hear voices from messengers of God. She led France to victory in war against England. Then, the French turned on her. Joan is a remarkable person and a good role model for children. This was an interesting book. I liked learning about Joan’s life. However, I thought it might be a little too involved for children. The author adds a pronunciation guide for the unusual French words, but still includes big vocabul [...]

    12. Diane Stanley's biographies ought to be made accessible to older readers. They provide such a readable hook. Often these gems sit untouched in my elementary school library, because they are densely written and they are long. And yet, her narrative arc is enjoyable and entertaining. The trademark illustrations are vibrant and colorful, adding detail to the time and place of her subjects. In this one, Joan of Arc is an entirely sympathetic character, and a hero to boot. Told in the context of THe [...]

    13. So far my daughter and I have read three picture book biographies on Joan of Arc and this one was by far the best. The narrative is written in an absorbing and easy to follow way that is perfect for middle school students covering the Middle Ages in their social studies class, or just for an exciting read. The only problem I have with this book, and other similarly lengthy picture books biographies, is that it should have been written in a small chapter book format instead. Many students (and of [...]

    14. What: Biography about Joan of Arc detailing her courageous actions during wartime in the fifteenth century. Joan was an unexpected hero of her time, and ultimately paid a tragic price for daring to challenge society’s view on who could make a difference.So What: I think this book is great for teaching kids about the time period. I also think it is a good tool for teaching girls about female heroes. So typically we see the archetypal hero as a strong male.Now What: I used this in a text set abo [...]

    15. This was the most interesting and informative children's biography we have read to date. Complete with a French pronunciation guide, this book was more than fact filled. Prior to this reading I had always regarded Joan of Arc as more of a exaggerated legend but Diane Stanley gave me not only facts but also sources as well as very clearly identifying conjecture. Full pages of text followed by full page illustrations helped with the flow of information and the children were eager to keep reading d [...]

    16. We loved this informative picture book about Joan of Arc. I've only seen them movies about her and this is my kids first exposure to her. Warning for those with children with loving hearts, it can be very rough. My son told me he wanted to cry because of all the violence and didn't like how they hurt Joan of Arc.

    17. The art and writing are well-done, collecting all the facts to give an overview of Joan of Arc's life and mission. Still it is a little impersonal, smacking of a textbook made more palatable because of the artwork. A good introduction to Joan of Arc, along with medieval warfare and religion.

    18. I love Joan of Arc, and this was a great book. The only caveat is at the end of the book, how do we explain Joan of Arc? We take her at her word. She was inspired by God! BYU's documentary on her was also fabulous.

    19. With beautiful illustrations and content, this book tells the story of brave Saint Joan of Arc. A strong female character who had adventures and fought in battles in medieval times, she is known throughout the world for bravery and piety.

    20. This author has written many picture books on historical subjects. THe pictures are great and the text while long is full of interesting information. Written for ages 8 and up. Check out her other titles.

    21. A great overview of a great women of Integrity. It is a Children's book but I enjoyed the quick overview and the pictures and maps too.

    22. An engaging, concise, and objective history of Joan of Arc. Paired with vivid, full-page illustrations.

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